Becoming compliant with OHS legislation

Occupational Health and Safety Management Software

eSST monitoring is a Luxembourg integrated management tool that enables you to structure, implement and manage your legal obligations in terms of Safety and Health at Work.


Why use eSST monitoring?

eSST monitoring is:


With its 8 modules for efficient and integrated OHS management

Daily monitoring of OHS regulatory changes and updating of our libraries and OHS training lists in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


User interface and encoding of your data in 3 languages: French, German and English.

Official forms automatically configured according to the type of organization.

Modifiable access rights management according to predefined profiles.


Evolution of the tool in line with new user needs and changes in legislation.

Development of new modules, reports and functionalities, according to the specificities of your company.


Software is 100% online

One system for all users.

Secure access to all your documents with DMS - Electronic Document Management.

Remote intervention to help you manage certain tasks or guide you in using the software.


Setting up your company space thanks to an encoding of your existing data or by an import.

Automation and recall of tasks to perform.

Configuration of standard behaviors to facilitate the daily management of your actions.

Official documents printable in PDF format.


The structure of the software allows a simplified division of tasks and an efficient sharing of information between employees.


Internet access is via the secure https protocol.

eSST monitoring complies with GDPR regulations.


The software has been developed to maintain ease of use for computers, tablets and smartphones.

The connection can be made from a modern browser on different operating systems.


Developed by our own team of technical specialists, our solution is "Made in Luxembourg".

Our servers are hosted in Luxembourg.

eSST monitoring is the result of :


working hours for 2 years


lines of code about


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OHS Management Software


Facilitates the administrative management of workplace and commuting accidents


Gathering of information related to the company and its proper functioning

human resources

Manages employee administrative data optimally

Action plan

Grouping together the follow-up of actions resulting from the different modules

Health and Safety

Manages inventories of risk items and facilitates risk analysis

Security Register

Facilitates the management of installations, machines and equipment


Allows management of chemicals used by the company


Inventory of OHS legislation and current events

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We intervene on the 3 levels of occupational risk prevention with the objective of improving the quality of life at work for your employees.


To deepen your OHS knowledge, our experts identify your needs and offer you training and workshops.


To facilitate your daily management of the Safety and Health at Work component, eSST has developed a software 100% online and compliant with Luxembourg legislation.